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Our Products:

Sheer Verticals

These treatments are unique in the sense that they combine the functions of standard verticals and a sheer drape all in one. This is the one treatment that provides ultimate light control and privacy control, yet has the beauty of a sheer drape when the vanes are fully opened to provide light filtration and protection against direct sunlight.

These treatments come with many different head rail options and fabric options to stay within any budget.

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BRANDS OFFERED: Luminette and Park Lane by Hunter Douglas, Comfortex by Graber Sheer Enchantment

Sheer Horizontals

Ever wished you could combine a blind, a sheer and a shade in one treatment? Then this is your dream come true! These versatile treatments can have the horizontal vanes fully closed for complete privacy and light blockage, the vanes can be tilted for light control and filtration due to the sheer material on the front and back of the blind, or they can be fully rolled up into the integral cassette to provide you with a fully unobstructed view.

These shades come with many lifting options and head rail options to fit any situation and budget. Offered in a wide variety of colors and fabrics/opacities.

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BRANDS OFFERED: Silhouette and Nantuckett by Hunter Douglas, Comfortex by Graber

Cellular Shades

Also known as honeycomb shades, these shades are the ultimate in energy control and savings. Their function is to virtually "trap" the heat that comes through your windows in the honeycomb and prevent it from going into your home. This saves tremendously on the heating and cooling bills. They are available in single cell or double cell in 3/8" or 3/4". Sleek low profile head rails for unobstructed views when fully lifted. Also many fabrics and opacities to choose from, such as Blackout ranging to Sheer, we've got you covered!

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BRANDS OFFERED: Duette and Applause by Hunter Douglas, Crystal Pleat by Graber

Wide variety of lifting systems and options for these blinds make them the perfect accent for any window in the home.

Solar Shades/Screen Shades/Roller Shades

Inspired by the latest trends in home decor, these shades come in a variety of colors and opacities with many options to further decorate and accent the window finishes. These shades can also be manufactured as Roman Shades to add some zest to the final look of the window. The function of this product is that it manages the sun's harmful UV rays (keeping out the heat and glare) while maintaining your outward view. Openness factors from 1% - 14% and offer great savings on cooling costs in high sun and heat areas.

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BRANDS OFFERED: Mermet, Phifer, and Pentaflex fabrics

OPTIONS: Aluminum bottom rails in accent colors and matching cassettes/fascias in metal or fabric, motorization, interior and exterior mechanisms and much more!

Woven Wood Shades (Bamboo Shades)

Woven wood shades bring nature into your home by using carefully selected materials including rattans, bamboos, grasses, reeds and jutes. They come in flat front roman fold (traditional Roman Shades) or Hobbled (Waterfall) Roman Shades. Privacy and blackout liners are also available for all of your blackout needs. Operating systems ranging from standard cord lock, continuous cord loop, top down/bottom up and specialty shapes - yes, even arches! A wide variety of decorative options are also available including valances, finishes, trims and bandings, cut yardage and much, much more.

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BRANDS OFFERED: Provenance Woven Wood Shades by Hunter Douglas, Tradewinds Natural Shades by Graber and Horizons by B& W

Roman Shades

Roman Shades are available in many fabrics and opacities. They can be made to look formal such as the Austrian or Balloon shades or they can be toned down to a casual look in the flat front Roman Fold shades. Roman shades can be made in different opacities of fabrics ranging from Sheer fabrics to Chenilles, to Tapestries. It all depends on the style and feel of the room they will go in. Many trims and accent bandings to choose from as well as top valances and operating systems. Roman Shades are sure to be a look for any room in your home!

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BRANDS OFFERED: Vignette and Jubilance by Hunter Douglas, Fresco Roman Shades by Graber, and CUSTOM Roman Shades from our own line of custom fabrics.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are known for their beauty, quality and design impact in any room they are installed. They are truly furniture for your windows and will increase the salability and value of your home. They can beautify a traditional style or improve on a contemporary look in the versatility of the features offered. Some of which are louver size (ranging from 2 1/2 to" 4 1/4" ), stain or paint colors, frame style, sill caps and tilting options. These choices offer a wide range of style for any decor. Custom By-Pass systems and Accordion fold systems are available for large curtain wall areas as well as specialty shapes and many other decorative options including hinge colors!

MOTORIZE IT! - Florida Design now offers battery powered motors to tilt the vanes for plantation shutters. This is ideal for those hard to reach areas so you can still control the sun no matter what the height of these treatments!

BRANDS OFFERED: Hunter Douglas, Graber, Norman and our own line of custom fabrication

Sliding Panel Systems - Panel Accents

A modern alternative to standard window treatments! Perfect for patio doors, wide windows or even as room dividers, these versatile panels slide along a smooth-operating aluminum track. Best of all, these systems are available in ANY FABRIC! Whether you want to control the sun (sheerweave) or have a custom fabric or sheer material, the options are limitless with these systems....all you have to do is be creative or let us do the work for you! Top treatments, valance styles and bottom rails are just the beginning of the many options that can be offered to achieve the best look for the room!

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BRANDS OFFERED: Hunter Douglas, Graber, B&W and our very own line of custom fabrics including strings, chains or fabrics!

Wood Horizontal Blinds

One of the most commonly used products out on the market, these blinds can enhance the beauty of the room and complement the decor while giving your home a feeling of warmth and sophistication. These blinds come in slat sizes ranging from 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" (shutter style) and are offered in many colors ranging from white to ebony and every shade in between. 3 1/2" custom valances are included in the cost of each blind while upgrades are also available. Decorative cloth tapes and "no holes" are just some of the options and designer upgrades we offer.

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BRANDS OFFERED: Hunter Douglas, Graber, and our own custom fabricated basswood blinds

CUSTOM Drapery & Top Treatments

Choose from one of our many lines of quality drapery fabrics to enhance the beauty of your home. We offer many brands of materials and styles to choose from. Our work rooms are professional quality and timely turn arounds with only the best in mind for our clients needs. Whether it is ultra modern, sleek contemporary, eclectic, simple or traditional, Florida Design has you covered! We will design your treatments to match your desired look providing the "wow-factor" you've been longing for! We offer many trims, banding and beading to accent our treatments. We carry all types of hardware to suit your style.

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Drapery Hardware

Drapery hardware can be the basis for beautiful window treatments. Florida Design carries all brands of drapery hardware in a multitude of finishes and styles. Whether you are going for a ultra modern sleek look with cutting edge designs, (such as Busche, Forest or Robert Allen), or traditional styles of wood or wrought iron to the eclectic styles to warm up a room, we carry them all! No matter what the style, the needs will be met.

MOTORIZE IT! (See our motorization page for more information) Featuring SOMFY, BTX, Makita and Silent Gliss.

DRAPERY HARDWARE BRANDS OFFERED: Forest, Kirsch, Paris Texas Hardware, Robert Allen, Brimar, Finial Company, Busche, Curtains Up, as well as brands imported directly from Italy with cutting edge designs. Ask your sales rep today!


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